You Smell Dead Baby?

Today, as we do most days, we were walking down the (podcast) alley on the way to get some lunch. But today was a unique day for us. About 2/3 of the way down the alley, a cross-eyed asian man (or lady, I didn’t really see any distingushing features) started yelling at us and pointing at a trash can. He was yelling, “It smells like dead baby…come look now!” and continued to try and drag us down the alley to see and smell the trash can. Needless to say we ran past him but he was feverishly dragging the trash can down the alley behind us. I did see some flies swarming over the top of it as we ran by, but refused to look in. Fuck that.

One thought on “You Smell Dead Baby?

  1. now that was a funny story. what is funnier is knowing the look on your face. priceless. oldskule and i laughed hard on this one.

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