Las Vegas Trip with Amy Mac and Nik – Circus Cirus and 100 Ounce Beers

Ferf, Amy and Nick at Circus Circus

Amy and I were going to Vegas, Nik had never been to Vegas… it seemed like it would be too good to be true. But fear not my loyal readers, it was not. We had a rip-roaring good time (we did not get too crazy) but enjoyed the heat, slots, drinks… oh yeah, and the Podcast Expo too.

I don’t need to go into too much detail, but a $60 hotel stay at Circus Circus on the strip allowed us the oppurtunity to gamble, eat at nice places and drink giant-ass 100 ounce drinks from cups that required a strap go around your neck in fear or being too tired from holding the cup to be able to finish drinking it.

It was great to see a few old friends at the New Media Expo/Podcast Expo, but I am not going to lie… it is not the same. I’m not sure if it was the location or just that the people did not seem to be that into it, but this Expo was dead. It was hard to even find parties or gatherings of people while at the expo. So we did what any normal not-too-old person would do… we went to Tao, somehow gained access to the VIP roof party after supper, and danced the night away (thanks Nik).

Nothing too crazy happened (we were in the midst of marathon training still) but it was fun to be there with Nik and Amy. We will have to do it again sometime with a larger crowd that loves to go dance and socialize all night long.