Why I am Buying an Alarm System TODAY!

This morning was very exciting. I went to take my new dog Ari outside and pulled the door shut behind me (since it is like 15 degrees out today). The one thing I had forgotten, though, was that I had just changed all of the handles and locks on my house this past weekend. New locks, deadbolts, and the whole nine yards on all the doors and they had a special feature — the inside handle always twists to let you out EVEN IF the outside handle is locked. You see where this is going already.

I was locked out of my house, in my pajamas, with a 9 week old puppy, in the cold winter morning, no phone, no nothing. What is a grown man to do?

I thought about calling a locksmith, but he would just come to my house and drill out a lock. That option didn’t work for me because like I said, I JUST replaced all the locks, handles and deadbolts on all 4 exterior doors with matching keyed locks.

So What Did I Do?!

With items found within 10 feet of a window on the back of my house, and no more than 30 seconds of work, I popped the lock on the window. I used a spade from the garden and a stone from the landscaping to hit the underside of the lock until it bent the lock and popped the screws. I was back in my house within 30 seconds.

What Next? Im buying an alarm, immediately.