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I love the internet. This news story was released not too long ago where a man broke into a home in the projects and tried to rape one of the women there, but was interrupted by her brother storming in. While this is a scary thing, the people on the internet made a remix/rap song. You MUST watch both, this is some good stuff.

The Original News Story

The Remix Rap Song Version

In a spectacle I have never before seen, a ball of fire (they claim meteor) flew through the sky in the midwest last night for about 15 minutes, passing through Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Iowa. The authorities are saying it is some sort of meteorite from a recent meteor shower. Nope. It’s Jesus, and he is pissed! (catch up on the story, Read the full story on the Meteors blowing up on CNN.)

Ok, it could be aliens too. Either way, someone is throwing fire at us and trying to burn all the corn fields in the midwest. My guess? They are pissed that Americans are so fat and lazy, and they blame corn. Corn, or a biproduct of corn, is in everything from food, plastic, animal feed, fuel, clothing and … well, damn near everything. Start those states on fire by dropping a meteor flame (or alien missile shot), kill all the corn, and suddenly Americans will get skinny and stop buying random useless shit, right?

Check out this video now from CNN and their affiliates, of the meteor/fireball blazing through the sky!

Here is a quote from the CNN article, “Well before it reached the horizon, it broke up into smaller pieces and was lost from sight,” the service said. “Several reports of a prolonged sonic boom were received from areas north of Highway 20, along with shaking of homes, trees and various other objects including wind chimes,” it said.”

You know I kid, Jesus & Aliens… I still love you both. See all the google news about the meteors blowing up in the skies here. And lets be clear, in all honesty, this is pretty fucked up. There should never be an unknown fireball in the sky. We have some of the worlds most advanced technology to detect meteore, missiles, aircraft and who knows what else.. so a 15 minute burst of meteor fire in the sky should not be something that sneaks up on us.

I swear I have never been to the circus, but who knows… I have an awful memory. Truth is, I am going to be an awful old man. I am not going to be able to remember any of the cool things I did growing up. That is the point of this blog… to let you, my friends, have a peek into my life and to be a reminder as I get older of the things I have done.

Back to the point. The circus came to town here in Nashville and Amy found dirt cheap tickets. This thing had everything! Acrobats, high wire acts, tigers, fire, elephants dancing, clowns and so much more. It really was a blast and I am glad to have taken photos. They will remind me that I have been to the circus and that I should go again, because it was fun.

With that said, enjoy my photos from that night.

Chris and Tim, 21st Birthday

9 years ago today, Tim & I celebrated his 21st birthday (and 3 days later we celebrated mine). And as was par for the course, we had to wear our party hats. There were very few times that Tim and I went out together that we would NOT be wearing hats. Some of the best memories I have from growing up were with Tim, and I am so glad I have these photos to remind me of him always. Wish you were here, Tim.

See below for a few more images of Tim and I – all wearing our party hats :) As you know, You can see all the photos of Tim over at

Chris and Tim at the Gun Show

Tim and Chris, Ballet Dancing

Tim and Chris, Ready to Rock