Monthly Archives: September 2005
Say Cheese
On friday I had the opportunity to sit in on a panel at a conference here is San Francicso. It was a conference for PR people and was introducing them to podcasting and other new media. Sponsored by PR University (I think) I had the privledge of sitting on the panel with Michael Butler (of The Rock and Roll Geek Show) as well as Eric Rice (of Audio Blog and Although I do not consider myself to be a very good public speaker, it was fun to participate and to educate these folks.

This Photo taken by theFerf

Paparazzi! Software

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(By theFerf).
Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OSX that makes screenshots of webpages. It is a really great tool for developers of any type to get screen grabs of entire sites quickly. It also works well for non technical people who may need screen grabs of website for sales reports, power point presentations and many other uses.

Find it at the Paparazzi Site

Color Schemer Studio is a professional color matching application for anyone from hobbyists to advanced professionals.

Work with a dynamic visual color wheel, instantly explore harmony relationships and even let Color Schemer Studio intelligently suggest color schemes for you!

Find the Software Here